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Xavier's Foundation is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work on many crucial projects to help improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.



Community Service is at the top

At Xavier's Foundation, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issues through filed interventions. This is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this direction. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

Xavier’s Foundation seeks to achieve its objectives through direct field interventions. The key focus are Women, Child, Urban & Rural poor, Environment, Health, Heritage, Peace, Human Rights, Livelihood etc. These include livelihood generation, empowering the grass-root people and marginalised communities, promoting literacy & engendering educational progress, creating and providing educational resources, taking up other interventions like horticulture & innovative farming, Handicraft value addition, forming & supporting SHGs, support services for the youth (particularly unemployed) etc.

Towards the Youths: North East India today needs a massive youth empowerment drive. The organisation devotes its efforts for uplifting the careers of the youths, who are not only the future but the strength of the nation, by creating an atmosphere for them to survive and succeed in this highly competitive world. Among various steps, Youth Leadership Program is the most popular where they learn responsibilities and leadership skills at a younger age.

Entrepreneurship Development: Our institutionalized, consistent model to Catch them young & set their minds on fire has made us extremely successful in all our ventures, thereby creating competent entrepreneurs and enabling the youths to face all odds in real life.

For the Persons with Disability: In order to support the persons with disability, the organisation takes up various activities like Skill Training/upgradation for Children with Disability, Mobile Health Care for Disabled Persons etc.

For Rural Community: The organisation from time to time takes up various initiatives for the rural people especially for the rural poor. These include: Infrastructure Training for Rural Poor, transfer technology of modern agricultural practices combined with Indigenous Technological Know-how (ITK), agro based income generating initiatives, formation of SHGs, orientation & linkage building for SHGs, empowerment of rural youth, promotion of NGOs at grass root level etc.

Human Rights, Peace Initiative and Conflict Resolution: The N.E. India is regarded as a region of conflict. In addition to this, instances of human rights violation portray an awful image of the region. We are working as common platform for the people involved in conflicts. Series of discussions along with various initiatives were held in this regard.

Cultural Efforts: Xavier’s Foundation believes that cultural integration can be a tool for restoring peace in the region. It organises cultural integration programmes, mini cultural exhibitions, cultural exchange programmes among the youths of the region, sending cultural troop to outside the N. E. to spread the message of integration, peace and harmony.

Exhibition/Melas: Xavier’s Foundation organizes exhibitions/Melas and also takes part in those organised by others.


Helping The Community

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfil their potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.

We, at Xavier’s Foundation, understand livelihood skills as capabilities, resources and opportunities for pursuing individual and household economic goals such as income generation. These include technical and vocational abilities (carpentry, sewing, weaving, and gardening, among others). At the same time, the livelihood strategies and activities of poor people are often complex and diverse. So, Xavier’s Foundation has developed certain strategies based on natural resources as, for rural people, agriculture and other natural resource-based activities play an important role. However, since rural households also diversify into other activities, some of which are linked to agriculture and the natural resources sector, others which are not, so we have included subsistence production or production for the market, participation in labour markets or labouring in the home. On the other hand, the urban poor people often depend upon multiple diverse livelihood activities involving different employment (labouring) and self employment activities – which are not obviously natural resource-based.

In a nutshell, our initiatives include livelihood generation, empowering the grass-root people and marginalised communities, promoting literacy & engendering educational progress, creating and providing educational resources, taking up other interventions like horticulture & innovative farming, Handicraft value addition, forming & supporting SHGs.


Finding Facts and Analysing Data

In order to explore, understand and highlight the socio-cultural and economic condition of the people and to study the changing trends & needs of the society, the organisation undertakes the following approaches:

Research, Policy Analysis, Budget Analysis, Surveys and Polls, Evaluation and Monitoring, Impact Assessment etc.

In order to explore, understand and highlight the socio-cultural and economic condition of the people and to study the changing trends & needs of the society, the organisation undertakes the following approaches:

Research: Research occupies a vital position our range of activities. To maintain the cutting edge in its programmes, Xavier’s Foundation undertakes research in areas of relevance to the society and policy-makers. The organisation has to its credit some studies and researches conducted on behalf of Government organisations, industry bodies as well as international organisations.

Policy Analysis: The government’s policies have been in operation since early fifties. There are of course some achievements; but the failures are said to be very large indeed. We use to carry out assessments or analysis of the working of policies which enable us to know all pros and cons and find out how to improve upon.

Budget Analysis: The organisation has recently laid deep stress on Budget Analysis. It involves analysing the budgetary allocations and budgetary proposals of the government. It also deals with scrutinising the budgetary process and the priorities driving budgets; analysing the trend of allocations and expenditures; and its socio-economic indicators besides tracking the implementation of the budgetary proposals. 

Surveys & Polls: Survey is one of the indicators to assess the present status of any issue, people’s aspiration and needs of the society. Survey is one of the tools of the organisation for analysing the present condition.

Evaluation, Monitoring and Impact Assessment:

The evaluation and monitoring activities of our Panel of Experts include the Central and State Govt. projects such as Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, North Eastern Council etc. Besides, Environment Impact Assessment, Sociological Impact Assessment etc. are done by the experts.


Proud to be a Woman

The organisation has been trying to intensify its work on gender sensitisation of various constituencies, and on mainstreaming gender and social relations perspective in organisations & programmes. The organisation feels that the frameworks developed in the 80s and 90s need to be reformulated. Besides other aspects, its programmes focus on instituting campaigns for gender relations and women’s rights particularly those belonging to rural areas.

Proud to be Women: We recognise that there are a lot to be done for ensuring gender equality by empowering women. In order to instill confidence in them by helping them discover their inherent potential, we have been undertaking a massive drive called “Proud to be Women” through a village-level series of workshops.

Awards & Felicitations: Every year, the organisation felicitates successful, promising and hardworking women of the region, like successful lady journalists and women sportspersons.

Campaign & Lobbying: We also take up Campaign against Domestic Violence and Female Foeticide, Legal Awareness Camps, Anti Trafficking Campaign etc.


Reinforcing our Commitment

Xavier’s Foundation works for improvement in conditions of children and child care institutions, campaigns for the right to education, conducts trainings on the rights of the child, campaigns against child labour, trafficking and child sexual abuse and press for a special legal system to assist victims of abuse.

We undertake vocational trainings for street children, children with special needs, school drop-outs and also for working children.

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge. Child Rights is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.


One Step at a Time

Xavier’s Foundation, from its inception, has been playing an active role in providing education in various modes like formal and non-formal.
Among the major landmarks mention may be made of St. Xavier’s College that provides high standard of education to the students of the region. The College has been successful in creating a niche of it own in the educational meadow of the region. Apart from the college, the organization has built up few more institutions. One such is Xavier Institute of Management and Information Technology, which has been running successfully and independently since the year 2011.
We also undertake vocational trainings for street children, house-wives, unemployed youths etc. so that they can earn their livelihood and lead a life with dignity. Moreover, the organisation has chalked out a plan to launch informal education systems mainly for physically challenged people, school drop outs, working children, uneducated adults other marginalized and vulnerable groups.
Similarly, interventions like Computer Education programme, coaching for SC/ST/OBC & other marginalised students, coaching for metric drop-outs, adult & non-formal education, scholarship for needy students, free education for poor meritorious students are also adopted.
The organisation has joined the Skill India movement by imparting Skill Development Programmes in certain trades. Initially, it used to offer certain CSR programmes under the CII-HPCL Swavalamban and conducted free training on Courier Delivery Executives and Housekeeting Attendants Programmes to the unemployed youths belonging to BPL families. The organisation is also an approved Training Partner of Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM) and has been conducting programmes on various trades.


Mobilising the Community

Xavier’s Foundation believes that every section of the society must share the responsibility in the development of the country. It in turns calls for a coordinated efforts of all.
Networking: Quite naturally, every organisation has a limited in-house capacity and thus there is a need to build integrated capacities to address the needs of the society. As such, developing linkages with like minded organisations is one of our major activities.
Collaborations: NGOs are seen as critical partners in attainment of national visions. We facilitate creation of forums for constructive dialogue, ensuring that the capacities required for collaboration in NGOs/CBOs are more generic, widespread and standardised and Government programmes are modified and designed accordingly. 
Advocacy & Campaigning: Xavier’s Foundation works as effective advocacy machinery for pro-people and pro-marginalised perspectives in all forms of interventions, thereby campaigning and lobbying for people friendly initiatives.
Awareness Generation: In order to call attention to several important aspects, such programmes are conducted. These include messages for conservation of biodiversity, cultural heritage, maintenance of peace & harmony or prevention of social menaces like alcoholism and drug abuse or creation of awareness about AIDS etc.


Strengthening Organisations and Individuals

It is meant for developing and enhancing the capacities of individuals, groups or SHGs/NGOs/CBOs and other organisations to kick start and carry out their activities efficiently. It includes the following categories:
a. Capacity Building for People on various Skill and
b. Participatory organisation assessment
c. Participatory Community Reflection and Action Planning


Disseminating Information

Documentation Centre: It is an effort from the organisation for developing a system of documentation in the form of collection of books, magazines, journals, e-publications, CD-Rom, bibliographical and non-bibliographical data base, newsletters, photography, newspaper cuttings and other materials such as research papers, policy documents and reports. There is need to establish such a documentation centre in the north east India since the region lacks it. Ours is an attempt to create a reliable documentation hub which will fulfill the need of the researchers, academicians and other knowledge hunting people.
Seminars, Conferences & Workshops: These are the way of sharing the experiences of research and practical involvement. The organisation organises various such events and also participates and presents papers at those organised by others which also help in dissemination of information.

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